Rapzilla and MC Record
Deal Masks

Print out these masks and wear them to our next show.

Rapzilla MaskMC Record Deal Mask
Rapzilla Mask #1 / MC Record Deal Mask #1

Rapzilla MaskMC Record Deal Mask
MC Record Deal Mask #2 / Rapzilla Mask #2

Testimonials: Celebrities Love Cracked Out

Hulk Hogan Hulk Hogan: Your rhymes are phat like my 24 inch pythons, brother!!!!!!

Tom Cruise Tom Cruise: Katie told me that you still haven't seen "Vanilla Sky." What's up with that? What? All of a sudden no love for Tommy? All of a sudden too good for "Vanilla Sky"? What gives assholes?

Donald Trump Donald Trump: Cracked Out is fired!

Bush George W. Bush: My fellow Americans, Cracked Out. You guys suck. I didn't think it was possible to be dumber than me. And I'm like...

Cheney Dick Cheney: Booyakasha. I got hunting gun bullets for your dome.

Saddam Hussein Saddam Hussein: If I'm the Butcher of Baghdad, then these guys are the Butchers of Great Rapdad.

Crocodile Dundee Crocodile Dundee: That's not crack. This is crack.

Gene Simmons Gene Simmons: I wrote all of Cracked Out's music. You wanna fuck my wife? Come over to my house fuck my wife. I don't give a shit. Bring your wife. I'll fuck her. Wife fuck party. Get it?

Corey Haim Corey Haim: I sold my teeth to Cracked Out for a Big Mac.

Kirk Cameron Kirk Cameron: You're going to hell.